Oversized / Overweight Cargo Charters

As a specialist in heavy cargo charters, QAS Charter is the one of the industry’s undisputed leader in transporting outsized and heavy cargo.

Most of modern industries  require oversized or heavy equipment to be moved in rapid timescales, and moving them by land or sea is not always an option. From sea containers, large aero engines and helicopters, to generators and earth moving equipment we understand the importance of cost effectively sourcing the specialist aircraft needed and the delivery certainty of such cargo movements.

Oversized / Overweight Cargo Charters are mostly used for such freight as:

  • Oil industry equipment
  •  Power station parts
  •  Aircraft engines
  • Construction equipment
  •  Marine engines
  • Satellite and communications equipment
  •  Film and music stage equipments
  • Vehicle transportation, including boats, helicopters and aircraft