Urgent Go Now / Time Critical Charters

QAS Charter provides secure, time critical, door-to-door delivery of your cargo to any destination on 7/24 basis.

When time is most imprtant factor, urgent or ‘Go Now’ charters are the ideal solution. In case  you need an equipment to keep a production line running or a component to repair a damaged ship or an aircraft on ground, QAS Charter offers the fastest charter solutions to get it there

Whether it be a small package that has missed its overnight courier or full of warehouse shipment, our charter experts will analyse each request individually and with the attention it deserves. Our charter experts constantly monitor aircraft location information which ensures quick responses to provide the most timely and cost effective solution.

Also our Next Flight Out (NFO ) service gives you unbeatable access to air cargo capacity on scheduled air-freight for same-day shipments, overnight or next-day shipments.

Urgent Go Now / Time Critical charters are mostly used for such freight as:

  • Automotive parts
  •  Oil and gas equipment
  •  Aircraft parts
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  •  Maritime
  • Relief goods